In the last module of the second year, we learned to construct several algorithms. As a part of that course, we had to make some basic physics for a ball. Over time I kept adding to the program out of my own intrest, resolving the issues that the 'too basic' verion showed, like stepping (teleporting into or through collision objects).



Drag the ball in the catapult to the left to aim, let go to fire!
Tip: use Mouse3 if you don't want to drag.

Rapid fire

Hold right click to activate rapid fire.

Pause, Motion blur

Press 'p' to pause and unpause: the motion blur is clearly visible

Clear, Framerate

If you have gone a bit wild, and your frames are dropping, press 'd' to delete all existing balls.


Shoot very fast to see interpolation in action. None of the motion blur steps touch the surface!

Collision, Fading

Balls will stack up, since they also collide with eachother.
Once a ball has been stationary for long enough, it will fade away.

Try it yourself

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