Processing is a libary build on top of Java. It is mosty used for graphical purposes, since it is very easy to give output using Processing. For the subject Programming I had to learn Processing and make a creature. Then as I kept learning more I enhanced the code that I had written so it kept developing. This page shows Bob, the end result.


Left Click

Left clicking onto a Bob will toggle googly eyes.

Right Click

Right clicking onto a Bob will make him change color continuously. Click again to disable.

Middle Mouse Click

Click your scrollwheel anywhere will make all Bobs follow the cursor. Click again to disable.

Up and Down Arrows

The Arrow keys will increase or decrease the speed of the Bobs depending on the arrow direction.


Who knew creation was this easy? All you have to do is hit Spacebar! You could say you're a creationist now.


Hit D. Just do it. Good, you now feel like a dev. Hit D again to disable.

Test it yourself

View sourcecode