Data Visualization Net Migration

The data below represents the net migration of people in every country throughout the globe. The net migration is the number of people immigrating into the country minus the number of people emigrating. When the net migration is below zero it simply means that the country has more people emigrating than they do have people immigrating. Data is collected every 5 years. We have 3 visualisations to show trends in location, quantity and time.

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The goal of our website/data presentation aims to answer the following questions:

  • What is the net migration of every country around the globe?
  • Which countries are losing the most people?
  • Which countries have an equilibrium in migration?
  • Which countries are gaining more people through migration?
  • How intense migration is between countries?
  • Are there any correlation between neighbouring countries and there migration?
  • Where are the most popular areas and where are unpopular areas?

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Net gain:

Made by Robin Fabianek, Andra Mahandra and Pepijn Peeters,
For the course 'Data visualisation' at the University of Twente.

Dataset from The World Bank.

JavaScript libraries used: D3.js, C3.js and DataMaps.

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