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This is art, people


MASH for instancing, Arnold for rendering. HDRI by hdrihaven.com


A quick recap


First of all, I'm sorry for not posting anything for so long. Not really actually, that's just how things go. But quite a bit has happened in the mean time. Most notably: I've gotten a job at a company called Dashlight. There I make models for real time experience rooms for industrial companies. It's quite different from what I'm used to. Not only because the software I use there is 3DS Max instead of Maya, but also because the models have to be detailed enough for VR, but also need to be low-poly so they run smoothly in real-time in Unreal Engine 4.

Then I've also been working some more in Maya by myself. The renders page has expanded quite a bit over the last few weeks, but most of the recent entries should actually get their own page. I should work more on my website... So things I've studied now are more modelling and rendering, as well as trying a bit of Paint Brush FX, Procedural Textures, MASH, Bifrost Aero and Bullet Physics.

There's actually still a lot of material that is not on display yet. Also thinking about this movie project thing with the human model I have been talking about in earlier posts. Yes, it will still happen. No, I do not know how long it will take. I have a lot of side projects and I start more than I finish so potentially it can still take quite a long time. On top of that I feel I might rework a lot of the assets for the movie, to make them way better just because I didn't do things as well as I would have liked to do them, because at the time I was rallying a deadline. So that will postpone things as well.

Way more has happened, but for a lot of things I just have to make a separate page and  I currently don't seem to have the time and drive to actually do so. I hope this clears up a bit what I've been up to lately. See you in the next one.


Start of the year

But now for real


Last week university started again, but I only had lessons on Monday... So this week I actually get to do something. This module most things will be done in pairs. My buddy this module will be Joost (aka Luca Battistella, link). We will work together in the Literature Project (yes its vague I know), and in the New Media subjects (movie, game design, etc). I worked with him last year as well on some subjects, so I know he is nice and is a good worker. I have trust that we can achieve something nice in this module!


Blog 2.0

Backend Update


I've done a whole lot of work on this blog yesterday and today. It was set up really crappy. Every post was a separate HTML file, so if I wanted to make a new post I had to do a lot of work: access the file server, make a new HTML file, give it the right name, and write a post in HTML.

The new system uses a database instead, so easy, convenient, infinite storage. And the biggest advantage: I made a front end interface for myself. So now I can write a blogpost on my website, to my website. I don't have to access the fileserver anymore! To access the interface, I just type 'add'. That brings me to a separate page with one dummy blogpost that I can edit. Once I feel good about it I can post it. Now anyone can type 'add' in the site, so I also put password protection on it. So feel free to check it out!

This change made writing blogs easier, but also improved my PHP skills. Apart from Laravel, I never really worked with databases, so this update also learned me a lot. Who knows what I use these skills for later? Maybe comments? We'll see in the future ;)


May I present to you, Arnold

Also, holidays are over :'c


The holidays are over, a new year is starting. That means its time for Autodesk to release a new version of Maya! But what's that? Autodesk bought Solidangle? What does that mean for us? Arnold is now free, and included for everyone! Arnold is a good professional renderer, that doesn't seem too hard to master. Once I get the hang of it, I think I can work just as well with it as what I have now. The render included is made with Arnold, and the test mesh is a teaser for the progress of the human body I'm making.


Small announcement


Remember this render? Im making a bigger scene with the same level of realism as this one. Also, I have been working on a human for a while now. I don't think the latter one will finish soon, but the Tunnel, the bigger scene, is actually not that far from completion. Keep an eye out either on the renders page or in the portfolio feed in case I feel like it deserves its very own page.

Edit: I never really got around to what I describe above. But I did re-render the attached image in Arnold. So enjoy this better version instead of tunnel.



Check this if you don't get it


You might have noticed before getting here: all portfolio banners have a weird color thingy on the sides when you hover over them. Yes, that is a vague discription. Maybe just check it out yourself, on the home page for example. (make sure that your window is wider than the page wrapper: >1200px)


Render Collection 9001 Turbo X Ultra


Since I really like making stuff in autodesk maya, I have quite a few nice renders laying around. I thought it might be nice to show off the nice ones. So I used the gallery script I made for the space hallway, improved the sitewide imgbox script to display galleries, and poured it all together on one page. All renders that do not belong to a portfolio entry will end up on that page. Go have a look now!


Autodesk Aztec 2016

Or Maya or Inca .. ...


I am proud to finally present my end project for interactive visualisation! My "space hallway" is finally done, and also done rendering. I have also delayed the release to build a dedicated page with some nifty extras: the cool transition for the stats and the image library at the bottom (it first loads spinners, and after the rest of the page, the images are loaded). So I have have had a bit more education (aka night work) in javascript ;) Go see everything now! Link


Site 2.0


I have moved to my own domain! If you are reading this it means that I got everything working again after the migration. The old URL should not be reachable anymore, and after a while it should also disappear from google, where this url should pop up if you look for my name. I have also done some more javascript to put on my university domain. With the new domain comes a new email, so from now on every email send to something @pepijnpeeters.nl will end up in my mailbox. I use me@pepijnpeeters.nl to answer now. Something else that I now have access to is subdomains. So far I haven't planned anything with it, but its good to know that the posibillity is there. All functionality has been transferred to the new domain, so any old eastereggs n stuff will still work. Note though that the url for the MLG script has changed to the new domain, so use this instead.


Changelog! New: nothing.


Yet again, some more work on the site. As the title says, nothing really new. The changes are nice though. The footer now looks uniform to the header, since they use a similar style now. Tweaked the About Page to have up-to-date descriptions, and look a bit better. Also I updated the look of the 404 Page. In case you didn't notice, the layout was broken there. Last thing: once again I have been messing with javascript to alter the way the sliders work over on the Figurine Page. Now they don't get stuck halfway if you stop scrolling. I am not sure if I want them to work both ways though. So much is happening now, maybe it's a bit much. Oh well, who cares. Also: new site updates in the pipeline, because the module is nearly over.


Right in your face


New content! Yay! Well, it's sorta hidden. If you click any image that is not part of the background, it should show up big on your screen. Try it out on one of the previous posts!


More site work

Updates keep coming, hu


Long awaited, its finally here! A footer for my site. I didn't really know what to put there, but I ended up with a site map, credits and contact info. Too bad I only have email and Facebook contact, it looks a bit silly. Also, I changed the font of all plain text. Furthermore, the blog got a slight design change, but that probably goes unnoticed. The footer was so much work though, that it feels like I have done way more... I think from now on I only have to keep my site up to date on portfolio, blog and misc. info. So till next time!


New Logo


Hello everyone! I made a logo for myself a few days back, and I just had the bright idea of putting that up on my site as the icon, on the left of the tab. That's all in this update .-. Have a nice Christmas, and a happy new year!


Sample Text


Hey m80s! Today was a good day. I made this site MLG (type it, see what happens). The script works on all pages of my site! And even better: the script that does so will work on any site!. Just make a bookmark with the folling code as url:

javascript:var e=window.document.createElement('script'); e.setAttribute('src','https://pepijnpeeters.nl/scripts/mlg.js'); window.document.body.appendChild(e);void(0);

Or drag this link to your bookmark bar. Name it "MLG this site" or something similar, and click it while on the site you want to rek. Keep in mind: it does't work on Facebook and a few other sites. (google.com is okay) Uninstall pl0x


End Exhibition first Module

Interactive video


Today was the end exhibition of the first module, showcasing all interactive video's made for this modules project. All monitors in the building where gathered to display all videos, and then everyone could go arround and watch eachothers videos. Some people even brought in their parents and other family to show the videos to. The video of my group and me is also online: check it out here. It was a very enjoyable day, and a lot of good videos have been made. On to module 2!


Site review


For a web tech assignment, I had to review a site. The site assigned to me was the one from David Bel Lang. If you want to see the site for yourself, just go to this link.


In short, his site is good but still needs a lot of content/work. A lot of pages are either empty or barely filled, and a lot of the technical things dont work properly (javascript and links mostly). For the rest, all things that should be there are there or are announced by links but not initialized yet.


What did I learn from this site? Well, something that wasn't really learning, but more like inspiration was his homepage. He uses javascript to move elements arround while you scroll. I had sort of the same thing on my processing page, but it didnt work so good for smooth scrolling. So afther seeing his page I got back to work and looked online for functions that could better my script. I found something usefull, a jquery plugin to determine the visible percentage of an element, and thats what I use now. Just check the Processing page to see the new version in action. Something that I learned from his site is that it is a big mistake to put up links that that don't link anywhere. That has got to be one of the most annoying things for a site. Also, a contact page is important, and I don't have one myself either yet, so that would be the next thing to work on for me.

One page disassembled

For the last part of the assignment I'm going to take apart one of the pages. Since most of them are mostly empty, the home page is probably the best page for this. So when it opens up, you can see a big image of a diver in black and white. This is interesting but doesn't yet tell what the site is about, since the captions don't connect to this. Then hello world and david bell lang come into vision. This makes clear that this site is about david bell lang. The navigation menu is very clean and simple, clear. When we scoll down the diver stays in place (position:fixed;?) and the page rolls over the image; 3 objects move into vision from the sides. Javascript is probably used for this. These give us info about what can be found on the site. Too sad the go to this page buttons dont work. Scolling down further, all sorts of contact options appear (again javascript), but none of them work. Then the page ends but we can keep scrolling and another image is revealed, which also stays in place. A text is coming from the side, again using javascript, but this time it stays on the side since the page is not long enough to keep scrolling till it is in vision. This site has probably been made by an editor or program, maybe a template or theme from wordpress. The javascript is probably not self written, but I think it is implemented by david himself, since it is not working properly, and that only happens when you do it yourself (I speak from experience).


Error 404

Blog post not found


Hey everyone! I spend a little more time working on the site today, and I figured out how to make a custom 404 page! But since all of the links are working on my site, I thought nobody would ever notice :c So I just made this blog post to alert you all so maybe someone does get to see it. Just edit the url to direct to a non existing page, so take away .php for example. This site with a slash and then anything but an existing file should show you the page. That's all for now, enjoy! (A link for the lazy people)


A few new things


I have been working on most of the things that I named in the past posts for the website. I now have an about page, although I defenitely need a new picture of myself. Also, the navigation bar now shows all the pages present on the server, without .php and first letter capital. All automatic :D I'm learning PHP faster than I thought I would... Anyway, I think the next time I work on the site that it will either be some small ajustments or addons, but probably no big new stuff until I have more portfolio content that I want on here.


We Create Identity


Concidering our project, me and three classmates form a project group, and with that group we have to make an interactive video using XIMPEL, an 'application' that isn't quite as simple as the name insinuates. You get two XML files and some configurations to create your interactive video. Today we have finished filming our footage, so now the process of editing and using XIMPEL can start..!


Something's missing


Well, as the title says, something's missing. And this time, I'm not talking about Perry. I need an about me page. So scrap everything I summed up in the last post, this is more important. Ah, there you are, Perry.


Site Update


So I have been working on my site today. After making a homepage last week, I needed to get the links to actually go somewhere. For blog, that was easy of course, but I also made a dummy banner for a portfolio entry. This is the robotics entry, but it did not lead anywhere since I had no robotics page yet. So that's what I worked on today. I must say I am pretty satisfied with the result, although it does sort of resemble the homepage. But maybe that's not a bad thing, since it does make sure that the site stays in one theme. You can check it out right here. I think the next thing to work on would be more portfolio entries, or better navigation (automatic navigation bar, a footer maybe?). Who knows. Well, check back next week to see what I will have done!




Today, I went to an annual techno/art festival in Enschede called GOGBOT together with a bunch of classmates. This year, GOGBOT was about 'the internet of things', focusing on multimedia and connectivity. Going there was a bit of a hassle since I had all my stuff on me, including everything for the week, since I have no room yet. Then Sjoerd told me he lived closeby so I dropped all my stuff at his place. I went arround the exhibition together with all the people. I saw a lot of cool stuff, either because of the interesting technology or because of the message it conveyed. The coolest thing I have seen there is probably the hologram. In the end, even though going there was manditory, I really enjoyed GOGBOT.


I dont even have Twitter or Google plus



Hello World!

Man this is mainstream


This is the first webpage of Pepijn Peeters, creative technology student at the university of twente. He made this page as an assignment for web technology, a course given by Mr. van Slooten. Used formats: HTML5 and CSS3, maybe JavaScript in the future? I dont like writing text, so thats it for now! Check back later to catch up on my progress ;)