About the guy in the picture

I'm Pepijn Peeters, a student at University of Twente studying Creative Technology. On this website, I post updates of my progress, entries for my portfolio and other stuff I would like to share with the world. For contact, please refer to the Contact section at the bottom of the page.

About this site

This site has been made by me, Pepijn Peeters. Everything has been done by hand, no external programs have been used. Languages used in this site: HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. For easy implementation I also used regex, jQuery, Imagick, d3.js, c3.js, color-thief.js, datamaps.js and processing.js. For imagery I used the help of Google Images, all other things on this side are made by me.

About life

Life is a weird thing. It is one of the few things that cannot be found on ebay, and seems to be related to death somehow. How or why, is unknown to mankind. It is said that life has no purpose other than to make more of it. If you require more information on the meaning of life, the famous Monthy Python has made a trustworthy documentory on the subject. And before you ask: no, it has not been voiced by David Attenborough.